Not a problem. Safeway has designed our classroom program around busy kids. Lessons can be taken in any order, though we do recommend Lesson #10 be taken at or near the end. If you miss a lesson, you are responsible for making up that exact lesson number. All our calendars are online. You can attend any Safeway classroom or any community education program to make up a missed lesson with one proviso: if the class is marked "Class Full" on our web site, please do not attend that class because there might not be room for you.

There is no need to sign up for a make-up lesson; just arrive for the missed lesson and sign-in. Our instructors always welcome new students for a make-up class. And all our instructors can record your attendance in our database and issue a Blue Card when all the lessons are completed.

If you expect to come late or need to leave early, please understand Safeway follows the State's requirements very closely. We cannot allow students into the classroom more than five minutes late. You cannot leave early from a class. If you are unable to attend the entire class, you should plan to make up the missed lesson on another day when you can attend the entire class.

And remember, the State does not allow more than one three-hour lesson per day.